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Architectural Services

Our design department can prepare preliminary plans which include a site plan, floor plan and exterior views of the building. After the customer has reviewed the preliminary plans, he/she provides feedback to CC&D. This allows us to better understand the customers' needs and desires. CC&D then makes revisions to the preliminary plans, as directed, and re-submits to the customer for additional review. This process continues, as needed, until we are confident that we understand the Customers' needs and the Customer understands the features of the building project. We are also assist with site selection, when requested.

After all building plan revisions are made, CC&D will submit a firm construction bid price and an estimated construction time for the project. At this point, if the customer accept our proposal, we prepare final the building plans and draft a construction contract for the owner's review/approval.

CC&D provides architectural services at a significantly lower cost than a typical architectural firm. Through this process, CC&D strives to assist the customer, provide our expertise and demonstrate the value of our architectural and design services.

When the Customer chooses to proceed, we obtain all required approvals from the city municipality, the State Fire Marshal and for all required building permits. CC&D is a one stop shop.