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Castellano Offices

4,000 Square Feet Accounting Offices on 1.4 Acres (New Construction), 9343 Ellerbe Road, Shreveport, Louisiana 71106   read more

Versa Office

4,000 Square Feet Office Tenant Finish-Out Swan Lake Road, Bossier City, Louisiana   read more

O'Brien Energy

35,000 Square Feet – Office Tenant Finish Out 425 Ashley Ridge Blvd., Building C and D, Shreveport, Louisiana 71106   read more

Fernwood Plaza

13,300 Square Feet Office and Retail Space on 1.4 Acres (New Construction) 7225 Fern Ave., Shreveport, Louisiana 71106   read more

Blue Cliff College

19,000 Square Feet Massage Therapy and Cosmetology Lecture and Training on 2.7 Acres (New Construction) 8731 Park Plaza Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana 71105   read more

Grand Masonic Lodge

11,800 Square Feet – Offices, Library and Museum on 1.2 Acres (New Construction) 5746 Masonic Drive, Alexandria, Louisiana 71315   read more


Commercial Construction and Development 11,600 Square Feet – Construction Offices and Shop on 1.6 Acres 722 North Ashley Ridge Loop., Shreveport, Louisiana 71106   read more